Quality Components

Replacement Filters

We have what you need Dust Collector and Powder Coating Cartridges. Effective Controls provides replacements for virtually all dust collectors, including AAF, DUSTEX, FARR, MAC, NORDSON, TORIT, UAS, and Wheelabrator.*

Air Filters. We offer a full line of filters for a wide range of applications, from air cleaner replacements to HEPA filters.

*All names are trademarked by their respective owners.

Clamp-Together Ducting

Rock-solid Durability with the Perfect Size and Configuration for Every Application. For both new installations and existing systems, Effective Control's choice is clamp-together ducting with laser seams, eliminating rivets, screws, welds, and other time-consuming and costly joining methods.

We have available in galvanized and stainless steel a complete range of pipe diameters, branch fittings in all sizes and shapes, elbows, and all the special parts needed to design your premier system or to adapt easily to your existing duct.

Flexible Hose

The best hose belongs in the best systems. We use flexible hose manufactured without the use of solvents, chemicals, cements, glues or adhesives, which make other hose subject to bond failure. Our broad selection allows us to design for your system's needs -- for resistance to abrasion, chemicals, puncture, UV/ozone, or moisture, or high-temp tolerance. Effective Control's general purpose and heavy duty hose has outstanding flexibility and fatigue resistance.

Compressed Air Solutions

Since the company's founding in 1986, Reading Technologies, Inc. has been at the forefront of advanced air system technology. The innovative RTI line includes a complete selection of compressor room desiccant and refrigerated dryers, main line separators and coalescers, as well as point-of-use dryers, regulators & lubricators—all designed, built, and configured around the specific requirements of end user air systems. Patented Inverse Flow™ technology in our filters gives us the critical edge over other cheaper, commodity filters. As a result, the RTI name has become synonymous with clean, dry air and RTI products are in constant, critical application use in a wide variety of industries throughout the world.