Energy Management Controls

Effective Controls, Inc. is excited to introduce the most advanced Industrial Ventilation Energy Control Systems available. "IVEC" is the next generation energy management system designed to reduce operating expenses for all industrial ventilation equipment. Installing IVEC will immediately reduce operating costs for dust collectors, mist collectors, air cleaners, and exhaust systems. It is recommended for all ventilation equipment, new or existing.

The heart of the IVEC System is the Variable Frequency Drive which adjusts the blower speed as needed. The conventional collector sizes the fan to guarantee performance in the "worst case" scenario, such as when experiencing duct pressure losses, clogged filters, and all ports full open. But with the Industrial Ventilation Energy Control System, the fan speed can be controlled to use only the exact energy needed to do the job, including in the "best case" when the filters are clean and when only a portion of the work stations and duct system is in use. The IVEC System typically requires smaller duct runs and includes dampers that automatically close and open on demand at each work station.

The comprehensive approach of an air filtration system with energy management control sets it apart from those who merely provide the component parts without the critical system integration. The professionals from Effective Controlsl combine the use of a Programmed Logic Controller with powered dampers and duct pressure transducers to manage the systems so they respond to the changing process without much input from operators. In this way the focus of the worker can remain dedicated to the manufacturing process while the air cleaning equipment is functioning responsively at peak efficiency. Equipped with the IVEC System from Effective Controls, industries can realize great value and long-term energy savings and at the same time do their part to make energy conservation a priority.

Boss Products offers the EcoBoss Energy Management Control Systems to deliver up to 80% reduction in kWh consumption for industrial ventilation systems. The key to significant energy savings is to regulate fan performance capacity to deliver the suction volume based on spindle run time. Typical industrial ventilation systems are designed to operate at full capacity, but extensive observation and case studies have shown that actual spindle run time rarely approaches 50% of full capacity during 90% of an average monthly production cycle! Advanced technology, systems engineering, and modern components have been combined to create the EcoBoss Energy Management Controls. Three levels of EcoBoss controls have been developed and field tested to optimize the function of industrial ventilation control applications.