Dust Collectors

As one of the leading air filtration companies in the United States, Airflow Systems has helped a diverse range of customers save millions of dollars as facilities managers, shop foreman, and others responsible for worker productivity seek answers to indoor air quality challenges. Airflow has met the challenges of companies ranging from small fabrication shops to Fortune 500 corporations covering a broad industrial base.


Filter 1 is a design and manufacture company that provides air filtration solutions for all areas of industry. Filter 1 meets industry's air filtration needs with a variety of products that meet OSHA standards ranging in size from the tables and benches for smaller work spaces to the dust booths for greater dust collection needs.


Sternvent specializes in small to medium size industrial dust collectors (1,000 - 15,000 CFM) which include high efficiency cyclones, compact shaker cabinet units with manual or motorized shaker, pulse jet bag and cartridge units and oil mist collectors. Equipment is available with basic modifications such as additional inlets, alternate blower orientation, and special height dust containers. We are experienced in the collection of fine sanding dust as well as coarse particulate and chips from real wood as well as MDF. We have solutions for controlling dust from solid surfacing materials. Our equipment has been in use for over the past thirty-five years in cabinet shops, maintenance facilities, high school wood technology shops and prison office furniture factories.


Since its beginning in 1975, Airex has specialized in the field of air quality in the industrial workplace. Airex was one of the first companies to understand the pressing need to improve air quality in the workplace and is now a step ahead of its competitors in designing systems that not only improve working conditions but also enhance worker productivity. Airex has thus become a recognized leader in this field. At a time when people are attaching greater importance to working conditions and, especially, to their health, Airex steps to the forefront. Airex has succeeded in creating healthy work environment and, as a result, has increased the productivity of its industrial clients. Whether it is poor air circulation, inadequate ventilation, dusty environment, a lack of humidity, improper filtration or a loss of heat or energy, Airex has the equipment to solve any problem affecting air quality.

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