Air Cleaners

As one of the leading air filtration companies in the United States, Airflow Systems has helped a diverse range of customers save millions of dollars as facilities managers, shop foreman, and others responsible for worker productivity seek answers to indoor air quality challenges. Airflow has met the challenges of companies ranging from small fabrication shops to Fortune 500 corporations covering a broad industrial base.

Industrial Maid LLC is the packaged air filtration manufacturer with an "environmental" conscience. The cabinet design is unique in the industry, incorporating the use of recycled high density polyethylene plastic into theproduct. The benefits of this include a lighter, quieter, lower cost, and non-corrosive cabinet. Industrial Maid LLC takes pride in offering innovative "low cost of ownership" air cleaning solutions to business and industry.

Since 1947, Trion has been effectively cleaning indoor air for clients as demanding as the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine fleet and providing quality products that serve a broad range of applications in the commercial and industrial markets. With Trion solutions, you have the industry's most advanced and specialized air cleaning systems to eliminate your toughest air pollution problems. Trion believes that excellent customer service, superior product quality and dependable performance are essential to its long-term success. Furthermore, We have developed a level of technical expertise that allows us to create innovative products and cost effective solutions that contribute to the success of our customers.

OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) sets limits of exposure to welding smoke and fumes.  The most efficient and cost effective method for welding smoke and fume removal is at the source.  Widdervac provides the answer as the world leader in portable spot fume eliminators. Contractors and Maintenance crews are able to rent our popular machine from Effective Controls Inc. Visit the Widdervac website for more detailed information or contact your dealer for more information.
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